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Quotes this is the second time we have used dogs body and what an excellent service they provide,I have taken my samoyed dog bob to numerous grooming places but he never wanted to go back when it was time for his return visit he used to try dragging me back out of the shop, now he gets excited when he see's the van pull up and the end result is always the same bob looks stunnnig, thank you for an excellent service. Quotes
donna and bob burnell-jones
a very happy customer

Quotes We have a very lively, bouncy Cavalier King Charles Spaniel pup (10months) who loved her pampering courtesy of 'Dogsbody' groomer Terry. He was really accommodating, working on whilst I ran a friend to the train station and was really great with my children as well, talking to them and he even brought in their chairs (they sat out to watch him!) whilst I took the dog into the house. I would definitely recommend him to any and everyone, my pup looks and smells gorgeous and is tangle free! Very friendly and excellent value for money. Quotes
Amanda Neville
Smudge: Sorted!

Quotes Terry is an extremely polite, friendly and caring man who does his best to always meet yours and your dogs every need. I trust him implicitly as he has not only groomed my two boys but also my 15 week old puppy who I thought would be a little apprehensive as it was her first time with a groomer but he took the time to make sure that she felt comfortable. For us, we felt Terry made every effort to arrange a time that was suitable for us as we have many other commitments and at a fantastic price. We couldn't have asked for anymore!We're both happy with the quality of service that you receive as well as that added bonus that you do not have to travel anywhere and as long as the dogs are happy we're happy! Thanks! Quotes
The Hynds (Maysborn Labradors)

Quotes This was the first time we have ever used a mobile dog groomer, And 100% recommend this company, our dog has always been groomed at the kennels, and I am so pleased we decided to use this company this time. He looks so much better than ever before. It was great that they came to us, and they are very friendly people, our boy took to the groomer very well. which is not like him with people he doesnt know. Will be using there services again when needed. They are Absolutely Brilliant at there work, All the best for the future and many thanks again. N. N. and Bluie Quotes
Nathan and Nicky

Quotes My dog (Odie) looks fabulous since being groomed. We tested Terry to the limit by asking him to groom Odie after we came back from a seaside holiday where Odie swam in the sea for a week. Odie seems more cheerful since Terry came to groom him; I suspect this is because Odie feels we are treating him with the deference he deserves by getting him his own hairdresser. When Terry was leaving, yesterday, Odie was waiting at the door to go with him. That is the best testimonial any dog groomer can hope for, I believe. Thank you very much Terry. Quotes
Jane Watkins
Odie's Owner

Quotes This is the first time I've used 'Dogs Body' mobile groomers! I was a little apprehensive as my two little bad boys can sometimes be somewhat naughty. When Terry came to my home and met my boys (Wallace & Gromit) they liked him in an instant........I was more than pleased as Wallace in particular can be a mardy little mutt! I warned Terry that they are a little moody at times as they are twelve years old now, but he assured me that they would be fine. To my amazement, both Wallace & Gromit were perfectly behaved, and whats more....they came back to the house bouncy and happy as though they had had lots of fun..........I am truly amazed!!! Terry has a way with the dogs and they felt at ease with him and I have no hesitation at all in booking him again and making him our regular dog groomer!! Thanks a million! Franca Evans... A very happy Customer! Quotes
Franca Evans
Absolutely Brilliant

Quotes This was the first time that our mum and dad had used 'Dogs Body' but we are really glad that they did!! Mr Payne was really gentle with us as we are a bit nervous with strangers but he gave us a really good wash and because we are low riders being daschunds we were a bit knotty where we tend to pick up everything, but he carefully got rid of all our knots, he thinned our coats out as it's getting a bit warmer now and trimmed our feet and legs, but we still look like daschunds! Scooby loved the evening primrose shampoo and conditioner, which Terry used as he has quite senstive skin and dowi was pleased that he got to have this too but was even happier when he had a squirt of the doggy cologne! We would not hesitate to recommend this service as Terry has a genuine love of dogs and he has proved to us that there are excellent dog groomers out there. We will definitely being using him now on a regular basis. Many thanks. Dowi and Scooby Quotes
Dowi & Scooby Wannell

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